A Pew Poll shows that most Americans support the legalization of marijuana. Let's see how it can help the economy. Shall we?

  1. Marijuana inmates cost prisons $1 billion a year to incarcerate.
  2. A Forbes report shows that enforcement of pot prohibition costs tax payers $41.8 billion, a year!
  3. Marijuana is a $38 billion a year industry; however Bloomberg Businessweek estimates the U.S. industry could be worth $100 billion! That's billion with a B!
  4. Colorado has brought in $5 million in pot taxes.
  5. weGrow, the first U.S. marijuana supply chain, would employ 75 people per store.
  6. 60% of states support taxing Mary Jane, according to the Associated Press..
  7. A 2009 report from Pasadena Weekly shows over 1,000 dispensaries in California. That's a lot of jobs!
  8.  The government would save $13.7 billion in prohibition enforcement costs and tax revenue.
  9. California's pot crop alone is worth about $14 billion.
  10. A 2010 Associated Press poll shows one third of Americans think pot legalization would boost the economy.