A recent survey conducted by the folks at Bing Internet Search Engine finds what we think are the most annoying internet habits, among other things.

The survey found the most annoying internet habit was, boring Facebook status updates!!  Stuff like, "I'm going to take the dog for a walk now", or, "I'm having a cup of coffee".  Gee, can we withstand the thrill of knowing this stuff?  I guess not.

4 in 10 respondents said that their Facebook friends should stop wasting their time with "meaningless rubbish"!

Almost 25% said that they've had enough of seeing "selfies", a photo that one takes of one's self and then posts on social media.  The survey found that men are twice as likely to take a selfie and then post it on the internet.  I guess the only time that we look good is when we stare at ourselves in the bathroom mirror.

Elsewhere and off the internet the survey found that 35% of people are like totally tired of like hearing the word "like" used to often in like, sentences.

23% of people shutter when they hear someone else crack their knuckles, and then 28% were bothered when observing someone biting their fingernails.

85% or the people surveyed said that they had at least one bad habit but did not do it everyday!

What bad habit do you find especially annoying?  Maybe someone leaving an empty toilet paper roll for you?  Someone who left the toilet seat up?  Take our survey and feel free to make comments below!