At 11am today, over 6100 hundred Bangor Hydro Electric customers remain without power, with some not expected to get their power back until the New Year.

To view a current listing of Bangor Hydro customers without power, go HERE.  To view a current listing of Central Maine Power customers without power, go HERE.

Remember, if you are in need of shelter, the State has the current listing of available shelters HERE.

Here is the latest release from Bangor Hydo:

Date: Dec 27, 2013
Time: 10:55 AM

Estimated Number of Meters Affected: 6150

Hancock: 4539

Penobscot: 1103
Washington: 508
Restoration Details: Reinforcements are on the way from Bangor Hydro sister utilities Nova Scotia Power and Emera Utility Services today. Extra tree crews will join the effort today as well, as crews work to restore power to as many customers as possible before another storm makes its way through the area this weekend. Outages remain scattered across Hancock, Washington and Penobscot County. Several hundred new outages were reported overnight due to the additional snow. An outage in downtown Bangor this morning affecting about 1,000 customers was resolved in about three hours. It was caused by moisture in the electrical system and was related to the recent weather conditions.The Customer Service Center will remain staffed throughout the evening and weekend until all power outages are resolved. Customers should call rather than approach crews for information.Warming over the next few days may cause ice to melt and tree limbs to spring back up striking power lines. This may cause new outages and crews will continue to make repairs as they arise. Please remember to avoid tying to remove power lines and tree limbs near our touching them yourself. Our crews, along with numerous crews from outside utilities are working as quickly and safely as possible to restore power.
Other Related Information: Customers may report outages or ask questions by calling our Customer Service Centers at 1-800-440-1111. Outage can also be reported at or the mobile site at
Estimated Time of Service Restoration: Washington County: end of day Saturday
Penobscot County: end of day Sunday
Hancock County: end of day Wednesday
Many customers will have power restored before these times. This is when we expect all power to be restored.
Estimated Time of Next Update: 4:00 p.m.