If you're thirsting for adventure, you're in luck, this Friday through Sunday is the "Fall Great Outdoor Weekend" here in Maine with a special focus on Hancock and Washington counties!  This is a cool opportunity for you to get out of the house before the cold and snow set in, which hopefully won't be for awhile, but I thought I'd put that fear into you anyway.  :)

If you visit www.GreatMaineOutdoorWeekend.Org, you'll find all sorts of stuff to make you one with nature this weekend.  It's a great website with loads of information and suggestions, everything from nature walks to family camping trips and kayak races.  You're sure to find an event or activity that suits you!  Events are even split up into categories and color coded, all you have to do is lace up your boots!

The group behind the project is made up of folks from reputable organizations like Acadia National Park, L.L. Bean , and the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands among others, so you certainly won't be sent off on a wild goose chase, although you may see geese, for awhile anyway, until the snow sets in.