Think you have a little seaworthy ingenuity?  Here's your chance to take duct tape and cardboard and make it float!

The Lincoln Lakes Chamber of Commerce will hold the 1st Annual Redneck Regatta this Saturday!  Yup, it's your task to take just two different things, cardboard and duct tape, and make a boat.  A simple task for a creative person like yourself!

It's a new fundraising event for the community and the folks at the Chamber are hoping that it takes off. "We decided to try something new that would get the community involved and promote family and fun and showcase the Lincoln Lakes Region," according to Executive Director Will Labrie.

The 1st ever Redneck Regatta will take place this Saturday, July 19th, from 3 until 5 at the public boat launch near Prince Thomas Park in Lincoln. For more information visit or call them at 794-8065.

You may want to bring a life jacket.