Were very happy that Chelsea Arbour of Veazie got her stolen puppy back!

If you remember, Chelsea's room at the Greystone Trailer Park in Veazie was ripped off early on Christmas morning.  Some nimrod stole off a bunch of electronics, clothing, and her new puppy named Loki, who was named after the Greek god of mischief. The cute little guy is a pit bull chocolate lab mix.

Chelsea said, "I would just be absolutely thrilled to have my puppy back. Material things come and go, but he’s very special"!


After the Bangor Daily News published the story, everyone was on the lookout for Loki.  Yesterday he was found by a local animal control officer, abandoned and roaming the streets of Bangor,   That officer took Loki to the Bangor Humane Society where he was eventually reunited with his owner.  Very cool.

The electronics and the clothing have not been found yet.  Neither has the low life that took Loki.