This is too cool.  Remember the replicators in Star Trek and so many other Sci-fi renditions of the future.  Well’ this isn’t too far off the track.  NASA is planning to launch a 3D printer into space sometime next year. The printer would help astronauts manufacture spare parts and tools, while also reducing the costs of future missions.

NASA released :  they are working with technology start-up Made in Space and the two organizations have spent the last few months testing the new 3D printers that will be sent into space. Made in Space has been tasked with manufacturing printers that will be able to function in space and withstand the force and pressure from launches. The 3D printers have been undergoing extensive tests in NASA's reduced gravity aircraft and Made in Space will continue to conduct prelaunch tests until it is determined that the printers are able to survive the extreme conditions of space.

The launch of a 3D printer into space is a groundbreaking event. Never before has a 3D printer been used in space and the printer could come in quite handy if astronauts find themselves in a life or death situation. The printer could produce tools and supplies that astronauts might need in the case of an emergency, like what happened during the infamous Apollo 13 when the crew had to scramble to put together a home-made carbon dioxide filter using a plastic bag, a manual cover, and gaffer tape. Had the astronauts had a 3D printer on board, the problem may have been solved in minutes.