At first Hoku the poodle went for a walk this past Saturday morning, then she went for a river cruise, on a chunk of ice!

Hoku and her owner, Dana Bartone, started out the morning walking along the bank of the Kennebec River in Bath.  At one point Hoku hopped onto an ice chunk, and then floated away.  The dog calmly sat there for over an hour on her excursion, taking in the sights, staring in wonderment as people took notice of the solo canine cruise.

Hoku was on her way to Bath Iron Works, so Bartone got message to security officers there, who then contacted the Bath Police Department.  Bath police Sgt. Paul White and Cpl. Harland Stanley took a security boat out to pick Hoku up.  “We saw the dog sitting there on that small patch of ice like it was on a street corner, waiting for its owner,” White said Monday. “We let the boat come to a standstill, let it drift by her, and Harland took her by the leash, and called her, and she jumped aboard.”

Hoku, which means “star” in Hawaiian, is very "adventurous" according to her owner, and very fortunate too.

We've heard more than once during this winter of dogs running out onto the ice and owners then following them into a dangerous situation.  Hoku's owner did the right thing and let the proper people take care of the rescue!.