Some keep it simple, some...are a little...out there.

Van Halen - The dudes in Van Halen request that there's no brown M&M's backstage. There are many different versions as to why they make this strange request. The official answer is if brown M&M's are backstage, the concert promoter didn't read their rider thoroughly. Smart move!

Motley Crue - Let's see if they get their demands in Bangor this summer! These fellas have really out there demands. They once asked for a jar of creamy peanut butter, a sub-machine gun and a 12 foot-long boa constrictor. I hope somehow these items aren't used at once...

Paul McCartney - Paul has some VERY specific demands. He asks for 19 leafy 6-foot plants, four leafy 4-foot plants, catering must be vegetarian and no animal by-products, including furniture and carpets.  WOW!

Elton John - Elton keeps it rather simple, but don't mess it up! He demands that his dressing room be kept at exactly 60 degrees in summer and 70 degrees in winter.

Madonna - If I was world famous this would be on my list. Madge requests all the toilet seats backstage be brand new. Good call!