My best friends son, Nick Montemurro,  ran the Sugar Loaf Marathon Sunday. Go Nick! This race scenery must have been breathtaking as it followed the Maine Scenic Highway – Route 27, winding through the beautiful mountains of Western Maine. Despite the mountainous surroundings, Sugarloaf’s course is ranked among the top 15 fastest marathon courses in the nation. The first 5 miles of the marathon are flat, miles 5-10 are rolling hills with a steady two-mile climb at mile 8. The last 16 miles are downhill. The course starts in Eustis, travels through Carrabassett Valley, and ends in Kingfield. The weather in the mountains this time of year is ideal for running. Normal morning temperatures range in the 40′s at 7am and rise to the 70′s by 11am.

I am really proud of him and to tell the truth I wanted to to see the sign.  Too Funny.