Would our kids b

e safer if they knew how to shoot back? Would respect for guns  make schools safer or is it a bad idea to have guns on campus? A loaded question in deed.  Sun Journal wrote just a few days ago:

AUGUSTA, Maine — A group of state lawmakers introduced a bill Thursday that would require Maine public schools to offer gun-safety courses.

The measure, sponsored by Rep. Paul Davis, R-Sangerville, mandates that schools offer gun-safety education for students in grades nine through 12.

“There’s 300 million guns in America,” Davis said. “It seems to me people ought to know which end the bullet comes out of. It’s kind of a blunt way to say it, but they ought to know something about them.”

Mean while back in Aug. ABC News reported on laws  teaching gun avoidance..

It may be the only issue people on both sides of the gun control debate can agree on.

Proponents and foes of gun control say they want gun education and avoidance programs taught in public schools from kindergarten through middle school or even high school.

And activists aren’t the only ones supporting gun education. Spurred by the series of school shootings in recent years, school districts and state legislatures across the country are pushing for gun education in the classroom.

Three weeks after a first grade boy brought to school a gun he found at home and shot his 6-year-old classmate in Mount Morris Township, Mich., the state Legislature passed a gun safety education provision with strong bipartisan support.

Fact of the matter the State of Maine offer gun safety courses.  However, they seem to be mostly through Adult Ed

So many things to consider what do you think?