I am always looking for fun things to do locally and I love a good mystery so needless to say I am intrigued by the prospect of using a GPS unit and a set of clues obtained from the National Park Service website to take a  self guided journey and unravel mysteries about the origins of the park.

According to their webpage here is how it works:

This program takes you on an adventure through much of the 47,000-acre Maine park. Supplied coordinates lead you to a location where you’ll see a posted clue in the form of a riddle or puzzle; solve it to reveal the next set of coordinates. Revel and repeat. There’s no hidden loot at the end of the four- to six-hour tour, but you will walk away with lots of fun facts about how glaciers shaped the park

What you'll need:

  1. GPS unit
  2. Detailed map of Mount Desert Island or an Acadia National Park Map
  3. Piece of paper and pen
  4. Compass (optional)
  5. Logbook, if you are a letterbox enthusiast

What you do:

  1. Use your GPS and provided clues to search for and find multiple EarthCaches. The Story of Glaciers will provide coordinates for your first stop.
  2. Keep a record of all coordinates. You will need them to solve the final clue.
  3. After a successful completion you can obtain the hand-carved Acadia National Park EarthCache Program stamp imprint and enter your name in the program logbook.
  4. The estimated time to complete the program is 4-6 hours. The tour will take you over much of the park.