Once again, a bill has been submitted to the State Legislature's Transportation Committee that would require motorcyclists in the State of Maine to wear a helmet while on the road.  Here in Maine, this law has failed to pass numerous times.  Currently all bikers under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet, as are those with a first year's motorcycle license.

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Yesterday, the sponsor of the new bill, Representative Paulette Beaudion from Biddeford, argued that head injuries are the leading cause of death for motorcyclists and that by wearing a helmet reduces the chance of death by 37 percent.  Others, along with some in the medical profession, made mention of the medical expenses incurred by Maine taxpayers due to uninsured motorcyclists, and that wearing a helmet would cut those expenses by tens of thousands of dollars in each injury related incident.

George Hrichak, who is president of the Garry Owens Motorcycle Club asked why bikers should have to wear a helmet where operators of automobiles do not.  Others brought up personal freedom, more expense to ride, and even the threat of a cut in tourism was brought up.

What do you think?