I had to laugh when I was reading about this new shirt I asked my office mate Jeff if he'd like a shirt he could wear 100 days straight that wouldn't stink or get wrinkled and he said YEAH! So this very well could be the answer to male wardrobe worries - the new button down from Wool & Prince that you can wear for 100 days without having to wash or iron! US company says normal button-down shirts wrinkle and smell after a wear or two.  It's new wool shirts, however, require just a gentle wash once every 100 wears. Below is the video log of the test.

Wool & Prince say the wool shirt are made of wool which lasts six times longer than cotton and is naturally anti-wrinkle and odor-fighting. What they feel really make these shirts different from traditional wool is that this new fabric.  To quote their site, "with the input of 15 wear testers across the world, we developed our CottonSoft(TM) wool fabric. It’s light, breathable, and best of all soft. It will redefine what you think of wool. "