Tomorrow, Thursday November 1st marks the "Inaugural Run" of the Amtrak Downeaster from Boston to now Freeport and Brunswick.  The Downeaster currently makes five round trips daily between Portland and Boston.  Tomorrow, two of those round trips will include Freeport and Brunswick.

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The newly expanded service will depart Boston at 9:05am, but not before an Event Kick-Off featuring the L.L. Bean Bootmobile at 7:30am. Various events will be featured at stops along the way.  Then, around 12:45pm the Downeaster will arrive in Freeport where some of Maine's Congressional reps, local officials and reps from Amtrak will hold a little celebration.  The same will happen a few miles up the track in Brunswick around 1:35pm.

I've taken Amtrak's Downeaster round trip from Portland to Boston and back, it was a great time.  They serve food and drink, it's relaxing and it's very cool to see Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts from your window.  It's also pretty cheap compared to other ways to travel.

Many many years ago in the early 1900s vacationers where able to take a train all the way from Boston to Hancock Point, there they would hop on board a steamship bound for Bar Harbor.  It was done in the past, maybe again someday a passenger train will at least make its way to Bangor.