This week if you missed it the stars themed their dances on the most influential years in their lives.  For Amy Purdy it was when she was 19 and contracted meningitis that took her legs below the knees and her kidneys.  Her pre-dance film showed her health with both legs and then on life support in the hospital and the subsequent days to follow.  For the first time I saw how depressed she had been.  Then one day she heard music and stood to dance with her father who also gave her a kidney.  While they are dancing her mother is heard to say on the video " look she is dancing before she can even walk.'  She said something changed for her in that moment and she knew she was going to be alright again and have a life.

They made special legs for her for the modern dance with pointed toes like a ballerina. The dance was amazing.  I marveled at her athleticism first but then at her beauty and indomitable spirit. Wow again.