Well I have always heard the familiarity breeds contempt. Check out what women say is the list of annoying habits of men, from AskMen.com:

  1. Men leave a wake of empty containers
  2. They splash the mirror when they brush their teeth
  3. Leave hair in the sink after shaving
  4. Use 10 drinking glasses a day instead of one
  5. Pee on the toilet seat
  6. Litter the ground with laundry
  7. Don’t do house work
  8. Develop a martyr complex when sick
  9. Channel surf rapidly

And now ladies...here are the annoying things you do from AskMen.com.

  1. Entraping Questions
  2. She Holds Grudges
  3. "Fine"
  4. She Guilts You
  5. She Expects You To Read Her Mind
  6. She Can't Take A Compliment
  7. She Can't Put Her Phone Down
  8. She Uses Sex As A Weapon
  9. She is chronically late
  10. Steals your food