Teenagers have been playing a new game on the road and a lot of adults and cops are getting concerned.

"Senior Assassins", a game in which mostly high school kids pay money to join involves hunting and tracking down their "assigned" target and shooting them with a squirt gun. They also have to avoid the person assigned to track them. Whomever is shot first is eliminated from the game.  Most of the tracking involves driving on the roadways and shooting a high powered squirt gun from the vehicles window.

Recently in Merrimack, New Hampshire, police there charged students when two cars  blocked a car with a target in it from leaving a parking lot.  The car with the target in it backed into one of the cars while trying to avoid being hit.

Meanwhile, two years ago in Modesto, California, a group of teens squirted at a red pickup truck that was sitting at a traffic light, they mistook the truck as a "target".  The person driving the pick up truck then chased down the teens and fired a handgun.  The red pickup truck eventually rolled over during the chase and the driver was charged with driving under the influence.

Playing with squirt guns is always pretty cool, but certainly not on the road!