On Wednesday afternoon about 3:30 in the afternoon a huge asteroid will make an incredibly close swing by earth as it passes between us and the moon. Scientists believe the 98 foot asteroid will make its closest approach reaching a minimum distance of less than 217,000 miles.

Scientists say we are in no danger of a collision but because of its incredible speed it will make for intense viewing for anyone with a good telescope.

No telescope? Enter option 2 - The Virtual Telescope Project and Slooh. They will be supplying a real-time online event showing images of the asteroid, warmly named 2014 DX110. Click here to see the broadcast which will start Wednesday 3/5 right around 3:30 pm EST.

2014 DX110 is called an Apollo class asteroid, which means will cross Earth’s orbit.

How close is close? Well for the record if this passer by hit us instead experts say it would make a cloud of dust in the atmosphere that would block the sun for years and years and would make a crater approximately 1000 – 2000 feet across…not good.