Great news yesterday as a couple of reputable firms band together to purchase the old Live Lobster processing plant in Prospect Harbor!  Garbo Lobster, a lobster distribution company based in Groton, Conn., and East Coast Seafood, a global lobster distributor based in Lynn, Massachusetts had the winning bid of $900,000.

As we all know, Bumble Bee Foods had 128 downeasters working at the last sardine cannery in the United States up until 2010, when the plant was sold to Live Lobster of Chelsea, Mass.  Things went south for Live Lobster earlier this year when TD Bank froze the companies checking account and everyone eventually lost their jobs.

The two new companies, Garbor Lobster and East Coast Seafood come on board with great reputations in the seafood processing and distribution businesses.  Here's hoping that they can put a lot of fine people back to work in the Gouldsboro, Corea, Prospect Harbor and Winter Harbor area!  Folks are excited and suddenly very optimistic!