For all the times you Mom told you you were doing it wrong...I'm hear to tell you, along with many scientists, that ain't necessarily so.

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    Being irregular about taking a daily suppliment

    Having a good multi-vitimin in the morning is not a bad idea but it can be a double edged sword making you think you can foster bad eating habits for the rest of the day and exercise less.

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    Missing a day at the gym

    Ever hit the snooze button and not leave yourself time for a workout?  According to scientists you are actually helping out your immune system.  Turns out that always working out in the am can compromise your immune system and make you more prone to colds and flu.

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    Enjoying a gigantic breakfast

    Really not a bad habit at all according to the journal of obesity. They say it can actually reduce your risk of heart disease and keep you slimmer You see scientist has shown that we burn calories more effectively in the morning before 9am.

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    Lovin’ that bean.

    Although there are those who would advise you to avoid caffeine studys have show that women who drink 4+ cups a day have a lower instance of depression. Coffee and many other caffeine  rich beverages in healthy antioxidants, the caffeine is believed to help raise levels of the brain chemicals dopamine and serotonin, which are responsible for boosting mood.

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    It has long been portrayed as our evil nemesis but truth is pasta and potatos can be your friend. What causes that to be so is the temperature you eat them at. Allowed to cool they become what is known as 'resistant' starch that ferments in the colon, producing fatty acids and encouraging friendly bacteria to thrive. Unfortunately, cold french fries don't count  because they are deep fried but potato and pasta salads definitely do.

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    Sleeping in on the weekend

    Now, spending all weekend in bed is probably not a great idea for your health, but a few extra hours could be beneficial if you have a busy week ahead.

    A study in the journal Sleep calls it 'sleep-banking'  saying that getting an extra three hours a night for seven days before a week of restricted sleep appeared more alert, performed better and recovered more quickly than those who hadn't stocked up on shut-eye.

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    Being a bit of a slob

    Too many anti-bacterial cleaners and germ killers can create strains of resistant bacteria.  Soap and water are the best and simple cleaners.  And if you miss a day…oh well.

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