The challenge? Eat the Paul Bunyan Burger - a 2 pound angus beef patty with a pound of thick cut bacon, 4 slices of cheese, a head of lettuce, one whole fresh tomato, one onion, in a roll. Oh, there's one pound of French fries that goes with it! Finish everything in a hour and it's free, fail and it's $32.99. Oh, did I mention that so far 7 have tried, and 7 have failed!

The Bangor Fire Department and the Bangor Police Department each sent a team of 5 to Hollywood Casino, but it was all for a good cause, the team that ate the most in one hour would win $1000 for their charity, and the runner-up would receive $500. The Bangor Fire Department sent Greg Hodge, John York, Jesse Belieuch, Stan Grass and Jared Willey, while the Bangor Police Department sent Kris Beck, Jose Vidaurri, Aaron Brooker, Tim Shaw and Keith Larby. The Duck of Justice was noticeably absent!

Bangor Police Office Jose Vidaurri Signs the Release Before the Guns and Hoses Eating Challenge (7/8/14 Photo Chris Popper)

The chiefs were down rooting on their troops, of course they were doing it from the sidelines!

Bangor Assistant Fire Chief Tom Higgins Shakes Hands With Bangor Police Chief Mark Hathaway (Photo Chris Popper)

The burgers were brought out!

Photo Doug Smith


When the bell sounded, the 5 firefighters and 5 police officers were off! Different strategies were employed

Firefighter Greg Hodge Takes a Big Bite (Photo Chris Popper)
Officer Tim Shaw Went for the Burger and Cheese First (Photo Chris Popper)
Firefighter Jared Willey Was Amazing Nearly Finishing Everything at the 30 Minute Mark (Photo Chris Popper)
Officer Aaron Brooker Made Steady Progress... Early (Photo Chris Popper)
One of the Contestants Made Lettuce Wraps with His Burger (Photo Chris Popper)
Firefighter Jared Willey Was So Close to Finishing (Photo Chris Popper)

With 20 minutes left, Firefighter Jared Willey had finished everything but the bun, and began the process of eating it. He had polished off everything else! But, it wasn't to be, as he wasn't able to finish the challenge when the final bell sounded.

So it was up to the scale! All the leftovers were collected, and the Bangor Firefighters were the first to the scale, they weighed in at 4 3/4 pounds of food left.

Photo - Doug Smith

The Bangor Police leftovers were weighed, and they had 5 pounds of food left! The Bangor Firefighters won by 1/4 pound!

Photo - Doug Smith

The Bangor Firefighters accepted a check from Hollywood Casino for their charity, Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Photo - Doug Smith

The Bangor Police accepted a check from Hollywood Casino for their charity Special Olympics.

Photo Doug Smith

Two contestants, one from the firefighters and police were sick after the event concluded. So far 17 have accepted the Paul Bunyan challenge, and 17 have failed! The line of the night went to Lt. Paul Edwards from the Police Department as he left, he was heard to say "Well we know who the real pigs are!"

Congratulations to all, and may you have a restful sleep, with no bad dreams that a giant burger is chasing you!