A series of burglaries on the East Side have Bangor Police urging residents to keep their doors locked, even when they're home. The thieves targeted homes and garages with easy access.

Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, several homes were hit with the burglars boldly opening doors and grabbing whatever they could find. In one case, the homeowner heard a noise and walked out of the bedroom, catching the thieves in the act. They immediately fled.

This happened to friends of mine recently. The husband walked into their kitchen to find someone he didn't know standing there. The guy claimed to be looking for the lady of the house (who wasn't home) and then fled. How frightening is that?

So Bangor PD's Sergeant Cathy Rumsey says the best advice is to keep your doors locked at all times, even when you're home. And that's all of your doors, including the door to the attached garage and the garage doors themselves. If they get into your garage, they can work on breaking into the house door without being seen. And don't hang a spare house key on a hook in your unlocked garage.

Another suggestion is to keep your valuables well away from the door. If you hang your pocketbook on a chair next to the door, chances are, someone will reach in and grab it. Computers, cash, anything of value should be put in a place where it isn't easily accessible to the entrance. Again, this includes all your entrances.

Keep your car doors locked, again, even when it's at home. Don't assume you'll hear someone opening your car doors. Valuables should never be kept in your vehicle. Typically, the items taken in car burglaries are cash, credit cards, wallets, GPS units, and CD's.

A door alarm is another great idea. It doesn't have to be loud. And it doesn't have to hooked up to a monitoring company. When my kids were teenagers, my ex-husband put a beeper on our door, so if anyone came in or out, we heard the beep. The kids hated it, but it sure made us sleep better! Same goes with burglars. A beeper, alarm, or even an alarm that sounds like a doorbell will alert you that someone has entered your home, and will likely scare the robbers away.

Finally, Sergeant Rumsey asks that residents be alert to what's going on in your neighborhood. You know best what's typical and not typical. If you see something suspicious, like someone who's walking from house to house, or someone sitting in a car for a long time, call the police and report it. They won't be upset if it turns out to be nothing. But the police, and your neighbors, will be grateful if it turns out to be someone who's up to no good.

If you see something and want to report it, call the Bangor Police Department at 947-7384. And if you don't want to be identified, hit 6 for the anonymous tip line. And remember, this report comes from the Bangor PD, but the suggestions are valid for any community. Don't think yours is immune. Keep those doors locked!