A man who was revived by Bangor Police and Fire personnel is later arrested and now faces felony charges.

Sgt. Paul Edwards with the Bangor Police Department said via a press release that Bangor Police Officer Jeremy Brock responded to the parking lot of Mansfield Stadium yesterday to the report of a man that was not breathing and appeared to have just died.

Bangor Fire responded as well and found Brock performing CPR on the man on the ground.

The officer reported that when he arrived at the car, a female companion of the victim told him that he had just injected heroin about ten minutes prior, became ill, and pulled into the parking lot as he was not feeling well, and collapsed.

Michael Kashey, 34, of Dedham was fully revived and transported to Eastern Maine Medical Center.

According to Edwards, Officer Richard Polk responded to the emergency room at EMMC later in the day as Mr. Kashey was being released back into the custody of Bangor Police, and found he was carrying a bottle of pills, Butalbital, which were not prescribed to him, and a switchblade knife that was alleged to be illegal.

Kashey was transported to the Penobscot County Jail charged with felony Possession of Heroin, misdemeanor Trafficking in Dangerous Knives, Unlawful Trafficking of Schedule Drugs, and 5 Warrants.