After this past Wednesday's nine hour Mayhem Festival featuring Rob Zombie put on by Waterfront Concerts, Bangor City officials have scheduled a public meeting this coming Monday night at 6 to discuss complaints about the noise.

Noise levels for each concert held at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion are monitored, and Wednesday's metal concert was not the loudest.  The loudest concert so far, believe it or not, was Reba McEntire's show in 2011. Concert promoter Alex Gray mentioned "taste intolerance", pointing out that the low frequencies of bass notes during Wednesday night's show carry farther and in all directions.

Bangor City officials took in the normal dozen or so noise complaints during the Mayhem Festival.  Complaints were also taken in Brewer and Orrington.

According to reports the concerts on Bangor's Waterfront have brought over $30 million to the local economy.  City staff will to take that into consideration during Monday's meeting while trying to make everyone happy.