Yesterday I took a great trip down to the Harbor with my family which consisted of 4 adults, 2 teenagers and 6 kids under the age of 8. As a person who has never had kids I had no idea how car trips had changed.

We saw Moose in Bar Harbor

Seriously, when I was 11 the drove from Maine to Iowa and it was books and much time spent with a finger  a quarter inch from the end of your nose with the constant assurance that you were NOT being touched until my father would convince us if we didn't cut it out we'd be left on the side of the road.

Flash forward to today...

Today when a kid gets restless you grab an i-pod your the nearest phone and begin to blast the sound track to the movie 'Frozen' over and over. Strangely enough it works every time. Yesterday much to my amazement we'd be on the edge of a melt down and wham, Elsa and Anna would save the day. Not since I saw my brother chilling to Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' have I witnessed music have such a sedative effect, and not for nothing, I think in my brother's case there may have been medications on board if you know what I mean. But I digress. The other thing about the 'Frozen' soundtrack that amazed me is that unlike legal limits on how much cough medicine you can administer to a child to keep them quiet before you get arrested, apparently you can administer 'Let It Go' and 'I Want to Build A Snowman' over 100,000 times without fear of prosecution, doesn't seem right.

My other source of wonderment is how 4 reasonable adults can convince themselves that if you set 6 little kids on the beach that somehow they will resist the urge to get sandy and  wet simply because they lack towels or a change of clothes. Silly wabbit. I was impressed with how well they took slogging around in wet duds after that, good kids.

Add to that you never realize how busy Bar Harbor is, how high you can get or how far you can fall and how hard every surface of a mountain is until you are holding the hand of a 2 year old looking to break free and make a run for it.

And last I had never really appreciated the epic nature of traveling with that many little ones in a group.  Whether restaurants or restrooms, ain't nothing quick about it and until you leave trust me you takeover by sheer numbers.

Good times, great kids and for the record I do intend to let it go and build a snowman. I can't wait to do it again.