It's been confirmed.  After the NFL officials reviewed the situation from this past Sunday night's game, Bill Belichick will be fined for touching the elbow of an  official.  It will take a $50,000 chunk out of Bill's wallet.

While touching the elbow of the official, whom was departing the field at the end of the game, The New England Patriots coach was looking for an answer to his question.  Coach Belichick wanted to know if the winning Baltimore Ravens field goal was going to be reviewed.  It was not, and the official apparently did not have to talk to the coach.

The NFL has had replacement officials on the field so far this season, everyone from high school refs to refs whose only experience has been in the lingerie league.  Pretty flimsy stuff for the most popular sport in the country.  Thankfully, a tentative agreement has been reached that may bring the real referees back to the fields by this weekend!