Got Netflix? You've got some Halloween homework!

There may be no better month than October to watch some scary flicks! As a movie nerd and avid couch potato, I bring you some of the best freaky flicks on Netflix. Hey, I worked hard watching these for you!

  • Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

    This first movie isn't a horror movie but is funny and twisted enough to add to the list. This sat in 'My List' for a while, when I finally watched it I was ticked I didn't see it sooner. I'd describe this movie as 'Final Destination' meets the Darwin Awards. The story takes the traditional scary looking hillbillies and flips it, as the traditional college kids are the ones causing their own demise. However, it seems Tucker and Dale are killing them off one by one.

  • Hellraiser

    Need I say more? This 1987 classic directed by Clive Barker is a must watch this time of year!

  • Scream

    Continuing with the classics, Wes Craven's 'Scream.' Netflix provides you with a trilogy of Screams. Scream one through three are at the ready!

  • The Possession

    New to Netflix is 'The Posession.' If the PG-13 rating turns you off, don't let it! I find some PG-13 flicks are scarier than R rated movies. Think about it, PG-13 films can't rely on the shock and awe of blood and gore. The scare has to come from creativity, convincing acting and good directing. 'The Possession' has got it all! This title shares the same rating as 'Insidious' (available on Netflix DVD) and same scare quality. Insidious made me sleep with my night light for a few nights...yeah I have a night light. What about it bro? The demon/possession type flicks always scare the hell out of me. In the movie, a young girl buys an old box filled with relics and unknowingly releases an evil spirit. Trust me, you have about 30 minutes of peace in this movie.

  • Resident Evil

    Fellow zombie nerds, rejoice! Netflix finally added the Sci-Fi meets undead awesomeness that is Resident Evil. Drool as Mila Jovovich kills zombie after zombie all while looking oh so good!

  • Land of the Dead

    Also in the zombie genre, George A. Romero's 'Land of the Dead.' It's not his best zombie flick but I still enjoyed it. Most zombie flicks take you through the scenario of the beginning stages of an outbreak. This flick focus is more on the post-apocalyptic lifestyle of living among the dead.

  • The Fourth Kind

    I once again drool over Mila Jovovich in this movie. When the movie first came out a lot of folks thought this was a real movie. It's pretty convincing! Residents of Nome, Alaska were outraged by this movie saying 'it profited from real life tragedies.' While the film did use the folklore of real disappearances, Nome police found most to be climate and alcohol related. Watch as Alaskan psychiatrist Dr. Abigail Tyler documents the strange events surrounding her patients.

  • The Evil Dead

    Another classic! While the recent remake was pretty good nothing beats the 1981 original! Director Sam Raimi busted out the fake blood by the gallon for this cheesy yet entertaining '80s horror flick. Also, The Evil Dead Two: Dead by Dawn is available on Netflix.

  • Pet Sematary

    Because you just gotta have a little Stephen King in your Halloween horror list and bad Maine accents!