For many years in all weather and all months I have walked as my preferred exercise.  Over the years in winter months I have tried different boots and ice grippers and here is my conclusion.

For your ice gripper you want them to be as safe in the store as they were in the parking lot.  For this look for grippers that have some tread that will contact when you get onto hard floors.  Also tungsten carbide points that are replaceable seem to work best for me.


For boots I find that the warmest and driest thing that still gives you plenty of support is an over-boot that allows me to wear my sneakers underneath.  I then put ice gripper on them and I am ready to go.  I like over boots not only for the warmth and dryness but it is also handy when you get inside because you can remove the wet boot and keep on your warm , dry, waterproof shoe when you get inside.  mom will love you:)