Patchy thunderstorms may pop up here and there later this afternoon.  The conditions are just right for them to develop, hazy, hot and humid!  If you're working or playing outdoors today keep an eye on Mother Nature as she's been known to strike quickly.

Last night, lightning set fire to homes in Gorham and Falmouth as storms moved through southern Maine.

Around 5:30pm Sunday, at the Point Sebago Resort and Campground on Sebago Lake in Casco, three people experienced a lightning strike first hand, as a tree was struck nearby.  Erin Ledoux, 25, of Nashua, N.H and two friends had rented a lake side cabin and were watching the storm develop, when suddenly the three of them found themselves airborne!  Ledoux was knocked unconscious when she landed on rocks and a concrete barrier, she had to be hospitalized.  Her friends were OK.  The pine tree is still standing.

Weather experts and common sense dictates taking cover in the event of a thunderstorm. Go indoors or seek the safety of an automobile.

HERE, you can keep up with the latest radar which will show you storm development today in Maine