Bunnies are such wonderful pet. And much like other pets they can be box trained, like to cuddle and be petted and some even sit in your lap. That said, they are not like dogs or cats in many other ways but most glaring is that their digestion requires fresh fruits and veggies daily for optimal health. I am so thankful that the Bangor Humane Society helps bunnies in transition find new homes and keeps them healthy while they wait.  That is why I am asking you to hear their request for Hannaford Store gift cards to be sure the buns always have the veggies they need to be healthy.

The BHS recently posted to their Facebook page:

"Right now our most needed item is supplies for our rabbits! We have seen a HUGE increase in the number of rabbits this year compared to last year, almost TRIPLE the amount!  The best way to help them is to donate Hannaford gift cards, that way when we are running low on a particular fruit/veggie we can go buy it as needed."

Can't help with a donation? Please share this story and that will help too:) Thanks to you from Dorian, Bella and Rupert.


P.S. If you are ever curious what bunny ownership requires feel free to call me at the station 989-5631 and I'd be glad to tell you what I know.