Creators of the hit TV show 'The Big Bang Theory' say some big changes are coming for the character Penny. No, they're not going to reveal her last name. But it will make a difference in her relationship with Leonard!

Yahoo! TV reports that Penny is going to move away from acting in the coming season. She will finally acknowledge that maybe acting is not where she belongs and she needs a new direction.

That direction will apparently be as a pharmaceutical rep for Bernadette's company. And that means, she's going to start making some significant money, which will upset the balance of her relationship with the always insecure Leonard!

I'm usually concerned when writers of a hit show decide to take a character in a totally different direction. It often doesn't work out and sometimes means the series is about to 'jump the shark' and lose its focus.

But I'm such a huge fan of this show that I trust the writers to handle it well. I mean, look at how Sheldon has grown (he has a girlfriend!),not to mention Howard, who's married! Penny's character has been kind of flat in the past year. I think this will be the shake-up it needs to get her back into the forefront. I can't wait to see it unfold!