Representative Michel LaJoie has introduced a new bill to the Legislature that would essentially repeal the law allowing the sale of fireworks here in Maine.  He said that he is concerned about nuisance noise complaints and potential injuries.

Other measures aired this past Monday include rolling back the time of night that fireworks would be allowed to 9pm, and would require an "open burning permit" from the town or city that you live in.

Fireworks going off in your neighborhood have been responsible for scaring everything from the family dog to farm animals.

On the other side are the 17 stores and up to 200 employees that now sell fireworks here in Maine.  This past Monday, Steve Marston, owner of Central  Maine Pyrotechnics and Pyro City Maine, said,  "You guys pull the plug on this, you're pulling the  plug on a lot of people that have invested in the state of Maine and  invested in its people."

Lajoie's bill was introduced to the Criminal Justice-Public Safety Committee this past Monday and may be heard again during a work session on Monday, March 18th.

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