A pretty rugged dude had it out in his garage with a bobcat recently, and the bobcat came out the loser.  It all happened in a town about four and a half hours south from Bangor, in Brookfield Massachusetts.

Apparently Robert Mundell Jr. entered his garage this past Sunday only to find a hissing and supposedly rabid bobcat ready for confrontation!  The 30-pound cat leaped at least eight feet and attached itself to Robert's back biting and scratching him, according to Reuters.

Robert was able to free himself from the animal by wiggling out of his jacket.  He fled the garage slamming the door behind him, only to have the bobcat find its way out through a partially closed door. It then confronted his wife and fifteen year old nephew.  While the bobcat was biting his nephew, Robert beat the cat with a metal crutch.  His wife then appeared from the house with a hand gun and they shot the animal to death.

Robert was bitten more than 30 times.  All three family members are currently going through even more pain, treatment for rabies.