No news to anyone I know that I love bunnies and therefore all my friends send me links to anything that is a rabbit-happening, like this one in South Boston. The display of 5, 6 story inflated bunnies is called ‘Intrude’ It is set by water and is meant to give the visitors a kind of “Alice In Wonderland” experience.

According to  BostInno: “One of The Lawn on D’s hallmarks during its short-lived tenure in South Boston's Innovation District has been experimental, temporary public art. Its various works have anchored popular programming that includes food truck gatherings and summertime yard games, and its latest showcase promises to be as engaging as ever.

Following up on the smashing success of ‘Pentalum’ an inflatable play space that graced The Lawn on D in May, the park will play host to Intrude in July – a set of five massive, inflatable rabbits intended to give visitors the feeling of being unusually small; not small in the insignificant sense, but in an Alice's Adventures in Wonderland kind of way.

A lighting installation will illuminate the two-story rabbits from Thursday, July 9 through Sunday, July 12. They measure 5 by 7 meters, or nearly 16.5 by 23 feet.”

Seems a little unfair to me that Boston gets glowing bunnies while Bangor gets a floating vagina…just sayin’.