Recently, a hired gun looking into possible misappropriated funds from the "inmate's benefit account" at the Washington County Jail came across a few interesting purchases.  One being a "Santa Baby novelty plunge bra".  One would have to wonder how the inmates looked in that? Walking around the yard, doing push ups, working the barbells, stuff like that.


The attorney hired to investigate the possible irregularities in the account also found that money was spent on four sateen push-up bras, a velour bustier top, a ruffle-trim leather motorcycle jacket, a bridesmaid dress, a rosette-trim halter dress and an ankle-length strapless dress.  Seems like fashion is a necessity behind bars at the Washington County jail.

Inmates also have very good taste when it comes to reading material.  Money was spent on cookbooks, books about crafts and books about holiday decorating. The books purchased were not found in the jail's library.  Did they look under the inmate's mattresses?

No Playboy or Penthouse mags here.  But ask any incarcerated criminal in Washington County, and they'll suggest a great Tapenade spread for the holidays.

The inmate's benefit fund consists of money donated to be used for stuff like stamps, personal items, telephone time, and yes reading material.

All in all the attorney investigating the shortage of funds figures that $7,272 was spent on stuff that did not benefit the inmates of the Washington County Jail.  Last month Washington County Sheriff Donnie Smith suspended with pay the jail's two top administrators, Capt. Robert Gross, the jail’s longtime supervisor, and Sgt. Karina Richardson, the jail’s clerk.  There's a special meeting of the Washington County Commissioners today at 1pm to discuss the matter.

One has to wonder what they'll be wearing.