A U Maine professor has literally written the book on Breaking Bad.

Expect lots of blood in the season finale of Breaking bad this Sunday. However will it be Walt's or Jessie's? Neither, thinks University of Southern Maine Professor David Pierson.

Pierson's book 'Breaking Bad: Critical Essays on the Context, Politics, Style and Reception of the Television Series' is a read, between the script lines. The collection of essays take an academic look at the TV series. Topics include: the shows representation of masculinity, cinematic style, use of music and sound, how disabilities and impairments are represented and more.

Pierson adds, he thinks Breaking Bad has been so widely popular because people want to be Walt. Perhaps not cooking up methamphetamine, but more of a general appeal. He says Walt's entrepreneurial spirit is what draws viewers to his character.

The 230 page book will be available for purchase online in November on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.