A new video shows Masters Champion Bubba Watson endorsing a new kind of transportation on the golf course. It's a golf Hovercraft! Despite the fact that Monday was April Fool's Day, USA Today says this seems to be legit. But don't expect it on your local course anytime soon!

Watson apparently teamed up with Oakley to build the specialized hovercraft. And it's pretty cool! Watch the video to see it glide over the water hazard and right back up on the green! It's looks a little silly....but so do golf carts. And this looks like way more fun!

It also makes sense for the course upkeep. With a footprint of pressure much less than a sneaker, it can be parked much closer to the green. The only problem? The Golf Hovercraft would retail at more than $20,000! Like I said, don't expect to see them any time soon at your local course. But...how COOL would this be?!