When I was in school I was bullied mercilessly. I hated school and was a quirky kid with self-esteem issues that bullies can sense like blood to a predator. So it was disturbing to read today in the BDN how much of it still goes on. I'll never completely understand what makes a bully tick and now as an adult I have sympathy for schools caught in the middle.

The article quoted the Superintendent,

“For the person doing the bullying, you have to address that with disciplinary action,” he said. “In looking at the victim, what do you do to make that person safe? How can you put together a good program so that person feels comfortable?”

So what can we do? Well maybe it's time to revisit the movie 'Bully' where groups of wonderful parents clan together with their wonderful kids and take a stand.  Reminds me of my best friend's son Nick.  A very popular kid in his school day who never stood by and watched anybody get abused, verbally or other wise and he made a difference.  I'm proud of him and I know I can be proud of your kids too.  Encourage them today to be strong and kind.