With the recent heat wave making us all sweat like pigs, ISO New England is asking us all to conserve energy during the next few days, especially during the "peak usage" hours between 12 noon and 8pm.

How do you do that?  Turn the thermostat on your air conditioner UP a few degrees,  turn off the AC when you're not going to be home for a long period of time.  Turn off lights that don't need to be on and put off doing the laundry until after 8pm. Hey, you're good at putting off the laundry, right?

According to the organization's website, ISO New England helps protect the health of New England's economy and the well-being of its people, by ensuring the constant availability of electricity.

Now this may take some thought and some effort.  We all know people who have every light in the house on.  Most of the time the TV is on, and the only living being it's entertaining is the cat.  There are people who have the air conditioner turned down so low that it freezes up and then call AC repair company to come fix the problem.  You may know of someone who went to bed last night with the car idling in the driveway.

Will you make the conscious effort today to conserve energy?  Take our poll!