Pit Bulls get a bad rap. When people think of aggressive, uncontrollable dogs, they almost always think of Pit Bull Terriers first. But, would you be able to pick one out in a group of dogs? Do you really know what a true Pit looks like? Take the quiz and find out! You might be surprised!

It's no secret that Jim and I are dog lovers. And, as dog lovers, we hate to see any dogs discriminated against. Bottom line, if a dog is in a loving, caring home it will almost always be a loving, caring pet. If it's raised in an aggressive, violent atmosphere, then it will turn to aggression and violence. Same goes if it's neglected or abused. Let's face it, dogs are like humans. Push them and they will push back!

I've seen so many beautiful Pit Bull Terriers that are sweet, gentle animals! And so many of their humans who are frustrated because of the stigma that goes with the breed. So, just for fun, click on the button below or the picture above of my Jack Russell/Chocolate Lab mix, Copernicus, to take the quiz. Can you spot the Pit Bull Terrier? How many tries did it take? You just might be surprised at how little you know about the breed!