It's the 3rd Annual I-95 CaPella-Thon!  It's our yearly effort to collect much needed funds to keep Camp CaPella in operation!

Camp CaPella is a summer camp on Philips Lake in Dedham for kids with developmental and physical disabilities.  It's a place that they look forward to going to all year long.  It's a place that they feel comfortable at because they are there with kids just like themselves, and people who care about them!

These kids have a lot of fun at Camp CaPella!  Your donation will create a lot of smiles!

It takes a lot of money to run Camp CaPella.  Because of the special needs of these children, more staff is needed than normally at regular summer camps.  Then there's the other bills, food, electric, maintenance, etc.

We ask that you donate what you can.  Any donation is not too small and any donation is certainly not too big.

Call 991-9713 today anytime up until 6PM.  We'll take down your information and then send out a letter to you that will explain where to send your donation.  Or you can donate right here online at

We thank you!