Coast Guard Ice Breakers This Week On The Penobscot [VIDEO]
Our Maine based military is helping to keep things moving freely within the Penobscot River this week!
The Rockland based Coast Guard "Tackle" and the Southwest Harbor based Coast Guard Cutter "Bridle" and their crews have been working in tandem to break the ice during high tide, …
Family Saved From Icy Pond Reminds Us To Use Caution On The Ice
With fresh snow fall all over the state many snowmobile enthusiasts are heading out on trails and lakes. One lucky man and his 12 year old daughter and her friend were rescued just yesterday after falling through the ice on a snowmobile. This reminds all of us how important it is to always practice …
Kids Events in Bangor to Celebrate 200 Years of Frankenstein
The Maine Discovery Museum and the Bangor Public Library are teaming up to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley by hosting kid-centered events to inspire creativity, explore science, nurture responsibility and learn more about this historic novel.
Road Trip Worthy: Indoor Karting In Scarborough
Maine Indoor Karting is located in Scarborough on 23 Washington Ave. just a stones

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throw from the Maine Mall.(if you have a really good arm) Open 7 day a week this looks like the answer to getting out of the house and out of town at the same time.

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