Celebrity Crush

Rebecca Grant — Celeb Crush
Rebecca is a model, actress, and self-proclaimed "fitness nut," who is well known for her sexy swimwear and lingerie photo shoots. These days though, she's got her eye on the big screen.
Atlanta Falcons’ Cheerleader Irina Khasin — Celeb Crush
You don't believe superheroes exist? Well, Irina Khasin might prove you wrong. By day, Khasin might appear to be your average assistant district attorney for Fulton County, Ga. On Sundays in the fall, though, Khasin is an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader, with a body as rock solid as her legal arguments.…
Amanda Marcum — Celeb Crush
Florida Gulf Coast University is getting a whole lot of attention this month, and some of it is focused on former supermodel Amanda Marcum, the wife of coach Andy Enfield. How..did..he...

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