Celebrity Crush

Shiri Appleby — Celeb Crush
Geeks know her as Liz Parker from the sci-fi TV show ‘Roswell.’ Hipsters know her as Natalia from HBO’s ‘Girls.’ But to us, she’ll always be the hot actress who is unafraid to pose for a full frontal nude photo. Yep, Shiri A…
Amy K. Nelson — Celeb Crush
This award-winning journalist and former MLB reporter for ESPN.com is now the senior correspondent for SBNation. She loves wine and 'The Wire,' so basically she's the perfect woman.
‘Machete Kills’ Poster: Sofia Vergara’s Cleavage Is Deadly
If 'Machete Kills' is any indication, director Robert Rodriguez has exceptional taste in women. Just look at the cast, which is filled with names like Jessica Alba, an all-grown-up Alexa Vega and Amber Heard. Not only that, but he knows what the fans like, seeing them sexy and guns a blazin'. Just w…

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