The Canadians Are Coming to Our Rescue [VIDEO]
Utility crews from New Brunswick are already here, helping Maine crews restore power to tens of thousands of residents. Now, Nova Scotia workers have joined in the massive effort. I know he was from Saskatchewan, but the first thing that came to mind when I heard about the Canadian help was Dudley D…
Bare-Chested Fan Dances With Bear [VIDEO]
Obviously, alcohol was involved in this Columbus Blue Jackets fan's evening. Not only does he dance enthusiastically while bare-chested, he also dances with a bear! Okay, it's a guy in a bear suit. But still....funny stuff!
Comedy for Caleb Saturday in Bangor
You're invited, this Saturday night, to have some fun, get a few laughs, watch someone potentially eat something disgusting, and benefit a family who's dealing with cancer. Yes, you read right...and you get to vote for what the star of the show will eat!

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