Comedy for Caleb Saturday in Bangor
You're invited, this Saturday night, to have some fun, get a few laughs, watch someone potentially eat something disgusting, and benefit a family who's dealing with cancer. Yes, you read right...and you get to vote for what the star of the show will eat!
Police Chase Pigs Out of the Road
It sounds like the beginning of a the cops were sent to deal with pigs....(insert punchline here). But that's exactly what happened in Bangor Thursday morning. No joke!
Taylor Swift Totally Nerds Out on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Ew!’
Jimmy Fallon has never been a teenage girl. Taylor Swift, however, has. Still, the veracity that Fallon brings to his performance as a teen in his fake-talk-show-within-a-talk-show, 'Ew!,' is pretty striking -- he somehow seems like more of a teenage girl than his guest, who was a teenage …

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