The I-95 Comedy Break [AUDIO]
David Letterman on Radio Shack and Russia, Jimmy Fallon on buffalo wings and the President misspellings, and Seth Meyers on Los Angeles and the Ukraine.  Click below to listen!
Favorite John Belushi Character? [POLL + VIDEOS]
Actor and comedian John Belushi died on this date in 1982.  Belushi was definitely in his prime, he was only 33 when he was found dead of a cocaine and heroin overdose.
Did you know that the day before his death Belushi had asked his manager for $1800 so that he could buy Bill Haley's guita…
Top Five John Candy Movies [VIDEOS]
John Candy passed away twenty years ago on this date,  March 4th, 1994.
The Canadian actor got his start in Toronto's Second City group before moving along to acting in movies.  He died of a heart attack at the age of 43.
Here are my top five John Candy movies...
The I-95 Comedy Break [AUDIO]
Today we feature Craig Ferguson with funny names for porn movies, David Letterman on Justin Bieber's birthday and Jimmy Fallon on the new Taco Bell burrito, plus more!
The I-95 Comedy Break [AUDIO]
Fog in Sochi, the number of clowns worldwide drops dramatically, and Charlie Sheen is engaged to a porn star!  Fallon, O'Brien and Letterman hit on it all today!

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