The I-95 Comedy Break [AUDIO]
Today we feature Craig Ferguson with funny names for porn movies, David Letterman on Justin Bieber's birthday and Jimmy Fallon on the new Taco Bell burrito, plus more!
The I-95 Comedy Break [AUDIO]
Fog in Sochi, the number of clowns worldwide drops dramatically, and Charlie Sheen is engaged to a porn star!  Fallon, O'Brien and Letterman hit on it all today!
Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Agree to Battle
Will Ferrell is a famous comedy actor, while Chad Smith is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The question posed by many alert fans who've noticed their uncanny resemblance over the years is: Which one is which?
The I-95 Comedy Break [AUDIO]
David Letterman, Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon give us their views on chocolate flavored toothpaste, Michelle Obama's comments on Valentine's Day, and another sickly Royal Caribbean cruise.
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