Bowling Fail Montage [VIDEO]
I have bowled on many occasions and I have to tell you I'm not very good. Only recently have I tried big balls and for the record it didn't improve or hurt my game.  However, for some reason I always have fun. And although I think it could be the company I'm with I think part of …
Human Puppet Is Hilarious [VIDEO]
Until today I thought that Jeff Dunham was the most creative  ventriloquist alive and although knowing he crafts his own puppets is an art he’s never made one quite like this.  Her name is Nina Conti, a ventriloquist from the UK and in this video she uses a guy from the aud…
How To Get Arrested in Bangor
Bangor Police apparently feel residents need some advice on how to get arrested. Not how to behave if you get arrested, but actually what kinds of things will cause police to arrest you. Funny, but true!

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