Holiday Foods Your Dogs Won’t Be Thankful For
As a person who has bunnies I have learned over the years that what you feed your pets can have serious implications for their health. Good news for me is that for the most part a rabbit will turn up their twitchy noses at most things that would harm them not so for their canine brothers a…
BHS Bunnies Need Your Help
Bunnies are such wonderful pet. And much like other pets they can be box trained, like to cuddle and be petted and some even sit in your lap. That said, they are not like dogs or cats in many other ways but most glaring is that their digestion requires fresh fruits and veggies daily for optimal…
Halloween Candy That Will Get Your House Egged
In this world of a million types of just about everything under the sun there are just as many different tastes that go along with them.  That said when it comes to Halloween candy there are some options that honestly nobody likes...maybe but you.  Or maybe you are going for economy.

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