If KISS Had Been Chihuahuas – Hey We Needed To Know
Not really sure who Chi Yum Yum is but we've got to say they have a lot of time on their hands. That said, well done and kudos to whoever got these Chihuahuas to set still for all of it.  The only thing we may have done different is made the one with his tongue hanging out Gene Simmon…
How to Keep That Carved Pumpkin Fresh!
In my family pumpkin carving has always been an important part of the Halloween holiday.  In recent years after we carve them up they decorate my from lawn beckoning trick or treaters in from the cold, Mwa ha ha ha!
Halloween Candy That Will Get Your House Egged
In this world of a million types of just about everything under the sun there are just as many different tastes that go along with them.  That said when it comes to Halloween candy there are some options that honestly nobody likes...maybe but you.  Or maybe you are going for economy.

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